Happy Anniversary

Talk about falling off the face of the blogosphere! I’m back! I definitely took a longer vacation than I anticipated from the holiday weekend. I think it was because I was out of town and disconnected from my phone, twitter, facebook, and other social media outlets (I don’t believe in roaming, I’ll just watch the news like regular people to keep up with what’s going on in the world. lol)  I went to Toronto this past weekend to celebrate Canada and made it back in time to bask in the glory of the 4th of July.I’ll post pictures soon. In other news, today is my 3 year anniversary-time flies when you’re having fun! I still can’t believe my mom made this train. awesome! The picture above was taken in my house after I got the mannequin from work. Perfect! [^_^]

I have a lot of exciting things to share so stay tuned!

(this photo looks so fake, especially since its low res but I swear its real.lol!)
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