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So apparently I do not keep up with my bloggers enough! I just read my comments from my last post and realized that I was featured on Oh to be a Muse, created by Cheryl! Very cool! I love her site and how she incorporates our shared love of interior design with fashion. Check out the feature HERE. Special thanks to Chanel Tone for suggesting me! Speaking of interior design, I have been watching HGTV like a hawk these last couple of weeks. So let me tell you why I’ve kinda been slacking on my postings!

Besides work, I’ve had an extremely busy few months! My hubster (who takes my pictures) and I recently adopted my nephew and are in the middle of house hunting, and to top it off I just got accepted into grad school so I am all over the map right now! I hope to get back into blogging again and plan out my week better. I am thinking about sharing my experiences from FIT and increasing my looks for the week besides Target Tuesdays. Sound good? Yayy so bare with me during all of these life transitions and thanks for spreading the word about physicalcanvas.com! Anyone else getting geared up for school???

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