Love Her Face:Necar Zadegan

Some people are just extremely pretty…and then there are some that just fly off the richter scale of beauty onto another level (if there were ever such a thing). Necar Zadegan is one of them. She’s been in the industry for awhile now, but I first saw her as on the tv series, 24, as President Hasaan’s wife and I was floored by her beauty. Cheekbones, profile, physique, the whole nine. And then tonight while I wasn’t looking she appeared in HD on my tv as Isabelle in The Event. (this show is definitely growing on me)
I love new faces with great talent and she is definitely one to watch out for. She’s a great looking alien on The Event! Her eyebrows are phenomenal too!

So which cosmetic line or fragrance company is going to snag Zadegan for an ad campaign???
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