Beyonce Too Sexy For U.K.?

The heart beats of men, young and old, will be racing a little faster than normal this week due to Beyonce’s new ad for her first fragrance, Beyonce Heat, but British audiences will have to wait until dinner time to watch the commercial. The U.K. group called The Advertising Standards Authority, which is responsible for maintaining advertising standards, has declared the ad to be aired after 7:30pm due to complaints that the images were too offensive. A spokesman from the ASA stated that the Coty ad was considered “racy but not explicit”, and would only be broadcasted after hours when children would most likely be sleeping.

So naturally I was curious to see the commercial and looked it up on YouTube to watch the video. And sure enough it is pretty risqué (for an American audience but I thought Euros were pretty lenient when it came to nudity for some ok maybe not). Wearing nothing but a halo, Beyonce is sitting in a steam induced sauna in one scene while singing her rendition of Peggy Lee’s Fever. About 20 seconds into the commercial she leans against a window as a satin dress falls casually to the wayside (uh-oh). It’s almost like an intentional costume malfunction. I was more surprised over the fact that her lovely lady lumps were able to stay so perky without…nevermind.

I’m not too sure how successful the commercial is in persuading me to run out and bathe myself in the fragrance but then again maybe it’s trying to seduce men before the holidays to buy the fragrance for their wives or fiances. But the fact remains, no matter how much perfume I spray on, I’ll never have hips or a strut like hers.

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  • Vestque says:

    I’ve never liked Beyonce. Not enough talent with too much body image. She lets her body sing for her, and that’s what the audience wants. But what about 40-50 years from now? Will her voice stand the true test of time like Patti Labelle or Tina Turner? I highly doubt it.


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