Victoria Secret Highlights

More feathers! More glitter! More ribbon! Ahh finally the Victoria Secret Fashion show hit CBS since the show went live in New York on November 11th. The company known for its infamous angels has done it again. This year’s theme entitled, “Night of a Thousand Fantasies” could have easily been titled “Nightmare of a Thousand Things I can’t Have” was divided into six segments including Tough Love (rocker chic), Game On (sporty), Country Girls (this one’s pretty self explanatory), Heavenly Bodies (glamourous and dramatic), Wild Things (tribal safari), and Pink! (colourful, youthful, and over the top!)

And as usual it was definitely over the top with costumes that left little to the imagination and   of course the angel wings were even bigger and better. Adriana Lima paraded the $2 million bra encrusted in diamonds and sapphires, (while chest popping to Akon’s Angel performance) which is actually the most inexpensive VS bra since….(wait let me google it)…1996 when Claudia Schiffer first wore the fantasy bra worth $1 million. Wait 14 years ago?! Although $2 million is beyond ridiculous to pay for a bra, its nothing compared to Gisele Bundchen’s (<<I like her…model with curves and meat) $15 million ruby and diamond encrusted bra and panty set in the show 10 years ago back in 2000. Wait $15 million dollar bra in 2000…$2 million bra in 2010…the math isn’t adding up… Did someone say recession? 

I love the art of costume making and every segment of the show focuses around the theme of the coveted creations.  Anyhoo I included a few of my costume favourites….


Emanuela de Paula looked aaaaamazing!

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