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Hello My Little Targettes!

It’s….. T A R G E T | T U E S D A Y S

Ever since the designer duo for Peter Pilotto broke the news about their upcoming collaboration for Target during London Fashion week, I couldn’t help but do the following: 1). day dream about being their fit model 2). day dream about being their fit model and last but not least 3). day dream about being their fit model! Ok, seriously! I can imagine myself being the annoying bee in the showroom, flying style boards to rolling around in the luxurious floral printed fabrics just to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes creative process for Target’s latest collaboration don’t judge me.

Alas, breaking away from my imaginable day dreaming, I decided to really look into what we (as Targettes, Targetistas and Targetistos stake your claim who ever you are) should expect from the wonder boys of Peter Pilotto for Target! Now I’m certainly not a mind reader, nor do I have an inside scoop but I do have a premonition or two of what will be hitting the racks on February 9th!

After announcing their collaboration last month, Target revealed that the Peter Pilotto line will feature nearly 70 items from flirty frocks to skirts. Known for their striking red carpet looks worn by Kerry Washington, Kristen Stewart and many others, it’s more than likely that the duo will incorporate their brightly colored dresses for the everyday women running to the office or a summer festival. A cotton version of their signature dresses would provide comfort, shape and balance for those looking to sport the colourful frocks.

For their 2013 resort collection, the Peter Pilotto line featured an item that I could always use a little more of in my summer wardrobe… printed shorts, with pockets! I have a few printed shorts that I absolutely love, but to be honest it is quite difficult to find shorts that are not denim that can be paired with stiletto heel for a more refined look. I’m hoping that the duo will be brave enough to create a pair of shorts for those of us more willing to take a fashion risk. 

In the past, the darling designers have mentioned their fascination of nature, embodying a sense of surrealism in their patterned designs. I’m hoping that the reoccurring prints will spill over into their bags, clutches, and wristlets. There’s nothing more versatile than pairing floral motifs, embroideries and abstract prints into a summer collection. Wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream… {^_^} 

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