Target Tuesdays | Phillip Lim for Target | Styling Tips: Part 2


Hello My Little Targettes!
It’s….. T A R G E T | T U E S D A Y S
Is it Tuesday already?! Geesh…these days are flying by and I can barely keep up! But I am really excited about the styling tips for 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target that I promised you last week so let’s jump right in!
If you missed last week, read Styling Tips |Phillip Lim for Target | Part 1
Style Tip #1: Borrow from your Boyfriend
Menswear will always prevail when you balance elements from your wardrobe with masculine pieces. The femininity of this romantic jungle green blouse is divine and pairs so nicely with a navy cropped vest, typically found under a three-piece suit. My favorite aesthetic of this blouse are the faintly bellowing sleeves and the shoulder pleats which add dimension and structure to accentuate my shoulders. The length of the blouse, the low back and high front, is a perfect complement to the boyfriend look because it follows a similar shape of a guy’s button down oxford shirt for a refined look.


Just for clarification purposes, this tip says borrow ‘FROM’ your boyfriend, not borrow ‘A’ boyfriend There’s nothing fashionable about stealing what’s not yours {^_^}.




 Nine West shoes
Target Sunglasses
Necklace from Charming Charlie
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target purse & blouse

Style Tip #2:  Mix High & Low

Gone are the days of dressing in designer threads from head to toe in order to be considered on par with other trendy fashionistas with more disposable income. Combine highty, highty, highty, highhhh designers with lowdie, lowdie, lowdie, low and affordable pieces like coupling this Burberry trench and Marc Jacob aviators with this Phillip Lim for Target circular skirt, purse and printed cardigan. As fashion lovers, there are always a few investment pieces that can be (and should be) incorporated to diversify your closet portfolio.





Burberry Trench
Marc Jacob Aviators
Shoes from
Phillip Lim for Target Sweater, Skirt & Purse

Style Tip #3: When in doubt, go nude!
Pair down overt colours and patterns with great neutral pieces to unify your entire wardrobe. For this look, I opted for a camel coloured trench, beige oxford shoes and nude make-up for an understated look in order for my Phillip Lim for Target purse and top to stand out on its own as a focal piece. Neutral tones also assist in enhancing a look so that your pieces aren’t competing for attention against one another.



Follow these simple styling secrets to avoid being a Target Twinsie.

Next Tuesday I’ll debut my last (and FAVOURITE) piece from the Phillip Lim for Target collection {^_^}. 
How are you styling your 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target?!


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