My First Pedicure [seriously]

Yea you read the title right. Yesterday I got my first pedicure of my life! I know kinda crazy, I know but there is a perfectly good explanation for my toes being a virgin to the nail spa.

First-I loveeeee painting my nails!! There’s nothing more exhilarating than getting all of your favorite colours together to create some polish magic with cool patterns and designs done exclusively by me! I go into stores to buy colours that I already have because you never can have too many.

Secondly, I’m semi sort of ticklish so the thought of anyone touching my feet not only makes me squirm but it’s kinda weird…it just doesn’t seem right somehow.

Thirdly (is that even a word?) Believe it or not I’m kinda frugal. And when I say kinda I mean BIG TIME. A pedicure costs $25 and people usually get them what every week? Let’s say every two weeks. That’s $50/month and $600/year!! Wait is my math right?! Yea I’m pretty sure. Even though honestly I could afford it, being a numbers person and calculating that amount just doesn’t add up for me.

And lastly, how could I watch all of the DIY YouTube videos and not be inspired! The Pinterest boards alone coupled with Instagram make me drool over colour combinations and latest nail trends for the season. It would take all the joy out of it if I had to sit in a room with acrylic smells oozing from the walls.

But in order to see what the hype was all about [and to prep for my trip to Florida] I braved it out and went all by myself. HUGE mistake! With the TV blaring, it seemed way too quiet even with the nail technicians talking amongst themselves. I was so tempted to find a language translator app (but whatever). With my GQ in hand I peaked over my mag ever so nervously and avoided looking at any of the tools as if I was in the dentist office. The real reason I wanted a pedicure was to get gel nails. I’ve seen a few people with the highly gloss painted nails & toes and it just looks so yummy like candy paint on a big body car. I got hot pink with sparkles which looks awesome! I watched the lady meticulously as she did my nails and I’m convinced I can do it myself. So I’m seriously thinking of buying one of those light dryer thingys so I can do it at home. I wonder if it’s expensive…hmmmm I mean over the course of time it would pay for itself wouldn’t it? Back to the calculations I go!

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