Double Take: 1 Skirt, 2 Looks

Double Take: 1 Skirt, 2 Looks

Yesterday the unthinkable occurred….I got into my car and drove to the the fabric store on my free time (!!!) It was awesome!! Glorious knits, silks and trim piled high to the ceiling once I stepped foot into my local piece of heaven. I decided to stop in to look for some fabric to create drapes for my window, but I complete went off track after seeing the Halloween fabric toward the front of the store. My level of excitement grew even more. For starters, no I’m not big into making costumes for little kids-my nieces are pretty much at the point where they need something purchased from the store rather than hand made but I was elated to see the Halloween fabric because I find the rarest and best finds once a year around this time of year. Gold lame fabric (that really shiny fabric that lays on your skin like liquid gold) is in HUGE abundance and the latex neon coloured fabric run rampant, partly because all of the super-hero costumes that mothers are often imitating. Anyhoo, I ended up buying the material for my window along with 3 yards of this beautiful sheer fabric to make a maxi skirt like the one above. I’ll definitely be doing a DIY video on that.

On to today’s outfit! I was inspired from all the fabric that I saw yesterday and ever since I’ve been dreaming of sheer maxi skirts to wear on my trip to Florida next week. The weather here has drastically dropped so I couldn’t make up my mind as to which dreamy outfit I would actually wear given the weather conditions. This skirt can easily be worn in the cooler months with a rocker edge paired with a cropped knit top or in the breeze summer months with a light airy feel as well.

Which style do you see yourself in??  

The Row low top

AMOR PSYCHE short sleeve blouse
$235 –

Coco s Fortune maxi skirt
$86 –

Karen Millen high heel

Jeffrey Campbell high heel
$235 –

Miso spike necklace
$11 –


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