Target Tuesdays: Jason Wu for Target {Outfit #1: Screen-print Kitty Tee}

It’s here!! Yayyy! Today’s Target Tuesday outfit incorporates Jason Wu’s feline mascot that is cleverly linked with his design signature “mischief in the details” for his Target ad campaign. I couldn’t pass up the screen printed kitty tee that has been a staple icon on his purses, scarves, and other accessories. So I decided to pair my tee with other items in my closet to reflect Wu’s clean lines and flirty appeal. A little less than half of the collection was offered in my local Target but I managed to purchase other items that I will display throughout the month of February for the next Target Tuesdays {^_^}

 Along with all of the other eager shoppers, I woke up on Sunday morning  to get a jump start on Jason Wu’s Collection for Target…I learned my lesson last time with the Missoni release when I got to the store mid-day (the racks were flapping in the breeze but I still managed to put an outfit together and turn a sleep wear top into a chic outfit->  here)

The women were pretty calm when I got to Target, (probably because I don’t live in a major city with mob shoppers) carefully tip-toeing around the other customers to see the Wu  debut. Being the smart shopper that I think I am, I searched for the coloured hangers that coordinate with my size and then decided if I wanted them later (most retailers colour code their sizes; my color is yellow at Target-size 2).  A few women started to give me dirty looks after seeing me with a handful of clothes to the dressing room! Shopping under pressure is a faux pas! I work so much better in a dressing without the gawking eyes of onlookers!

Did anyone else venture out on Sunday morning to get a piece of the collection or order online? What was your experience?
I love this mischievous cat
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