Target Tuesday: Wooed for Jason Wu for Target

Happy Valentines Day!! So today continues the month of February’s Jason Wu for Target Tuesday Series! Since I have two complementary outfits from my finds, I’m going feature two of my favourites today that are perfect for a date out. Last week I styled my outfit using Wu’s Milu kitty tee using a cute, cropped blazer and boyish appeal which turned out adorable. Check out outfit #1 for Jason Wu if you didn’t see it-> milu outfit. It’s actually been pretty funny reading about my fellow blogger’s experiences at Target last week after waking up at the crack of dawn just to nab the coveted Jason Wu pieces. In particular, Lindsay from Lindsay’s  Look had me doubled over with laughter after reading about her experience. She is like a shopping ninja…she should be in the Olympics. {^-^)
Let’s get to the details of outfit #2 for Jason Wu: 

I luvvv a good blouse! Especially one that can accommodate my long arms with a good length sleeve. These two pieces were on my list of things that I found last week when I spotted it on the rack after doing a 5 second inventory sweep. The blouse and pleated skirt combo is perfect for Valentines day because its chic without being too overly girly with the red and pink colours. I paired it with my Michael Antonio shoes that my mom bought me for my birthday last year {she’s awesome at spotting good finds!} along with a vintage belt that I’ve had forEVER.

Target blouse: $34.00
Target skirt: $29.00
purse: Wilson’s Leather
Shoes: Michael Antonio
belt: Vintage
On to outfit #3 for Wu!

This sleeveless pleated shift dress is so me! It really shows off my arms, not to mention the stripes make me look taller {bonus!}I feel like a very cool vintage airline stewardess because of the shape of the dress {maybe its all in the hair, who knows-I could be hallucinating}. I have to confess though that I through out the belt that came with the dress and substituted it for {yet another} vintage belt. I always swap out the ‘flimsy belt’ to give it more structure because I’m so lean. If not then the belt looks more like a noose around my waist. Yikes.

dress: $39.99
shoes: Aldos
belt: Vintage
tights: Rainbow
Anyone else have any cool Target experiences??


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