v-Style-Paula Patton: How to Style a Spy

Ever since me and my hubster went on a date (yes we still date;) over the holiday break  to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol I can’t help but think what I would wear if I were the spy?? Jane Carter played by none other than Paula Patton was enough inspiration to get me going in the right direction. Isn’t she just gorgeous?! (i <3 her hubster).

Naturally, Paula Patton is my v-Style inspiration for the week! I haven’t done a v-Style post in a while so click here for more details. In a nutshell, it is a post that features how I would style a celebrity if I was given and unlimited budget for a day without the limitations of a small budget. Who wouldn’t want a job with massive access to clothes and cash? Me [^_^]

The look below is definitely for a spy in the making…

  • very minimal accessories to carry (to make room for her spy gear, of course)
  • motorcycle inspired leather and wool jacket
  • wedged shoes (with rubber grip so she doesn’t break an ankle while drop kickin’ the bad guys)
  • oversized watch to make sure her timing is just right
  • stretch leather pants to seduce and destroy!!

Ok maybe that last part was overkill but I would sooo rock this if I were a spy or if I could afford it-whichever comes first. Kudos to Paula for making it look so easy!

Mission Impossible for Paula Patton
NIKE letterman jacket
$500 – nike.com

Balmain leather pants
$4,600 – net-a-porter.com

Gareth Pugh high heels
$643 – monamoore.com

Swarovski sports watch
$850 – swarovski.com

Gucci gold plated bangle
$1,295 – net-a-porter.com


Would you rock this??


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  • SOJO says:

    Nice post! I really like the little header for the assembled clothes in the end: “Mission Complete”. -Well played 😉

    I’ve been eyeing watches, and that Swarovski one is NICE. Is that rose gold and black? I can’t recall ever seeing that colorway in any piece of jewelry before, and I’m feeling it 100%.

    The two-toned fabric collabo of the letter man jacket is too cool. They really made leather and “sweat-pants-cotton” (for lack of a better term) work!

    Thanks for the post, hun!


    Sojo, FWB

  • Lisa-Bisa says:

    Sojo! You are dead on yes it is rose gold and black.The face rotates which is pretty cool too. Yesss that leather and sweatpants material is amazing! It kind of reminds me of a pair of pants Lala wore to a recent basketball game with black heels. Ohh wouldn’t that look nice in a skirt? I feel a diy coming on. haha.

    Thank you so much for this comment. You made my day:)

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