Target Tuesdays: A Day in the Rain…Rainboots, Raincoats, & Rainbows

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain!
I don’t know what the weather is doing in your region of the world, but the sun is playing hide-and-go seek in my backyard and I can’t tell if we’re inching towards summer or reverting back to April showers all over again. Clearly the April showers have overstayed its welcome! Despite the sun playing a dreadful game of peek-a-boo behind the clouds, people still have to wear clothes to keep dry and cool for the days when summer decides to show up (last week was in the 90s and today it’s in the 60s, go figure). So naturally this brings me to Target Tuesdays’ style suggestion for this icky type of weather.
If you’re a new follower you will see a string of posts entitled Target Tuesdays which initially started as a personal style challenge to create various looks on a budget from Target; known for its fashion forward trends. Since then I’ve gotten great reviews and I’ve been encouraged to continue posting looks from the retailer. Take a look at my first Target Tuesday here which goes into greater details about high end fashion on a low end budget. Ok enough about the background story, let’s talk about today’s outfit.
Today’s Target Tuesday outfit is all about having fun with your clothes and combating the weather. Where I live, (home of the infamous Kodak) we always say if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes. We’ve experienced all four seasons in one day plenty of times and rarely get consistent sunny days. I know, crazy.
But since rain has been in the forecast for quite some time, I decided to turn this lilac rain coat into a make-shift dress and layer it over a cute tank and shorts. It’s almost like a form over function type of deal- the rain coat keep my clothes from getting wet without having to carry an extra set of summer clothes, but doubles as a cute jacket until the sun comes out and its no longer needed.
I think these rain boots are going to be my new version of summer Uggs  (not that I wore them to begin with but you know what I mean). They look so cute with shorts and are both  pretty and practical. I can keep my feet dry and avoid destroying my pricey shoes with mud and water while still remaining stylish and playful.

Available at Target:
Graphic Tank: $12.99
Lilac Coat: $29.99
Shorts: $19.99
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