Turban Trend Debate

*I wrote this post last week… don’t ask me why I’m just posting it today :D*
For the last few days the internet has been buzzing with news surrounding celebrity stylist, June Ambrose’s new line of turbans in various hues, patterns, and shapes ranging from frontal knots to oversized bows. Ambrose sports playful ways to incorporate the trend in the May issue of Ebony magazine. I thought it was really cute and mildly fitting since Giorgio Armani and Prada featured this look in their Spring 2011 campaigns.
So I went to Ambrose’s website to view the chic accessory featured in her Ebony spread and… my heart sank. To my surprise, the turbans featured on her mannequins could easily cost you a pretty penny-that of which I am unwilling to spend. I almost convinced myself that the lining of the fabric must be made with some type of rare gold threading when I glanced at the pricey item (certainly not the case). Don’t get me wrong, on occasion, I am will to pay for quality pieces, but if I’m spending between $125-$145 (as the site suggestions) for an item that doesn’t provide fabric contents, care instructions, or product descriptions, how can I convince myself that buyer’s remorse isn’t inevitable? My purse strings just pulled a little bit tighter at such a thought. *gasps* Maybe its my frugality that’s deeply imbedded in my shopping habits, but let’s review the facts about turbans before fully committing to this chunk of change, shall we?
Turbans are a popular form of headgear worn in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. Contemporary turbans come in many shapes, sizes, and colours including Afghan and Indian turbans, but most importantly they have been around for centuries.

Fast Forward >>
Old and young Hollywood quickly adapted the look including Miuccia Prada who introduced the turban trend in 2007 with romantic sweeping dresses on the runways of Fashion Week. As we can see, this look has been trending for quite sometime.
I love the looks of June Ambrose’s turbans and respect her but for people to seriously invest in her line it will have to take some serious price reducing to convince the “already skeptic every day woman” to spend such a considerable amount of money. Especially since the popularity of this trend has allowed fashionistas to find it elsewhere for a reasonable amount of money.
What do you think?
I feel so inspired that I think I’m going to do a low cost DIY turban post! 
stay tuned
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