MAC Jeanius Collection: Gearing Up For Spring 2010

The notoriously known make-up empire, MAC, has created yet another “gotta have it now or I’ll just die” collection and this time you can pair it with your favourite pair of denim just to play up the rest of your fabulous face. The Jeanius Collection for spring is brilliantly inspired by denim trends for 2011.
The shades are all blue jeans inspired and come in the following shades:
              Diva In Distress- a middle-tone gray with silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap
              Motorhead- a middle-tone blue with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap
              Stove Pipe Black- a black/gray shade with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap
              White Jeanius- a white shade with a silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

The eye shadows are pressed with denim imprints to give it an authentic look and texture of the jeans that hug our gluteus maximus in hues of Diva in Distress, Motorhead, and White Jeanius. It even has the denim rivets and belt loops that you would expect to find on your everyday jeans. Genius! or Jeanius! Either way its simply brillant.

                                                   Acid Washed Grayish- a pearled beige
                                      Pretty Please- a soft pink pearl shade
                                                   Riveting Rose Deep- a burgundy/violet pearled shade

If you’re a lipstick girl and love a good colour consider one of these 3 shades to tint those puckers.

                                               The MAC Jeanius glosses come in 3 flattering shades:
Docile Chrome
                                               Indigo Pink
                                               Painted On
If you’re a lip gloss girl like myself, you may want to experiment with these pink and berry colours for an added pop.


The MAC Jeanius line comes with two lovely blushes: 
*Overdyed Bright – a magenta shade 
*Pink Cult – a lovely pale pink shade

MAC has also created two fabulous nail varnish shades to complete the collection and give you either a soft or a bold denim look. Paint your digits in MAC Jeanius nail polishes in:
*Biker Blue – a dark blue colored polish with pink and electric blue shimmers 
*Frayed-to-Order – a white-ish pink nail polish with pearl shimmers
The MAC Jeanius collection for spring 2011 looks incredible and has an amazing assortment to choose from to customize your very own look.  So mark your calenders because this collection is available for purchase starting March 3rd , 2011.
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