Holiday Nails: Peppermint or Cream Savers?

I’ve been ignoring my nails for so long now that I totally forgot about all the cool nail polishes and designs that I use to create. How could this happen?! I luvvvv nail polish! It’s an obsession that has gone beyond the regular one colour coat just before going out on a Saturday night or before a cocktail party. I will literally spend hours in my pajamas to do my nails in an intricate design the night before a big event or just for the heck of it.

The holidays images have bombarded me constantly ever since I’ve been setting up Christmas displays at work (<-since September!) So I was inspired by peppermints and candy canes to do this design after seeing my sister-in-law’s tree decorated in holiday candy!

Yea…that’s my bathroom carpet-nothing fancy..nothing major =)
The more I look at my nails the more they are starting to look like strawberry cream savers! hmm…i knew my tooth was aching for some reason. *homer drool*
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