Target Tuesday: Floral Galore!

Hello Targettes,

If it isn’t the favorite day of the week for all things Target Tuesday! This spring, the colour offerings have been bolder and the variety has been plentiful with an amazing assortment of the ever so popular floral trend! Paired with this yummy asymmetrical tangerine blazer with side zippers, this jacket is a cute staple piece that can be worn with just about anything-a skinny leg pant, a pencil skirt or thrown over a a dress for a feminine, softer motorcycle jacket look. The diagonal zippers along the waist and sleeve extends the versatility of the coat to be worn on any occasion. 

IMG_1983ps copy
 Now can we talk about these pants?!


These Mossimo black and white floral pants are comfortable and classic with a twist of black, grey and white tones to incorporate into your summer wardrobe with a pop of colour. The floral detail is so impressive that it looks as if someone hand painted the flowers all over lower half of my canvas! Ok, ok, no pun intended but the floral IS pretty and perfect with a platform shoe to extend the length of my legs.


 Tangerine Blazer $34.99
Mossimo Floral pant $22.99
What’s the last thing you bought from Target that you absolutely adore this spring?!
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