My Disappearing Days are Over!

Leopard n leather

As most of you lovelies already know, I’ve been working extensively on my masters degree for the last two years..(grrrhhh) and so it’s probably no surprise that I pop up every now and again but this time my disappearing acts are over since I graduate at the end of this week! So much has happened in the last few months so it’s about time that I started to play catch up. There has been tons of DIYs, styling tips, and cool places I’ve traveled since last pour my guts out into the ‘sphere. Can you tell that I’m bursting with energy trying to figure out what my next blogger move is? Well stay tuned…. {^_^}

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  • Lily says:

    Nicole April 16, 2011 Lovely idea! I like how by seeing things through sone&meo#39;s drawings of it you get to see how they look at it somewhat. I just decided today that I need to go back to drawing for my own enjoyment again.

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