Tropical Target Tuesdays!

Hey Targettes!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I know, I know bad blogger, bad, bad, badddd for not keeping you posted on the latest and greatest. Even though I haven’t been posting like a mad woman, I’ve still been silently keep my eye on Target finds and scoping the web and stores for the coolest finds. Ok that definitely doesn’t count if I don’t tell you right? Fair enough.

Before we get to the goodies here’s the scoop- I’m officially done with all of my grad classes *whoot whoot* so my time in the next few months has definitely increased to allow more, hmm how should I say, leisurely activities? The down side is that I’m not done yet! I’m still pushing to work on my thesis but because its self paced I feel as though the DIYs and good stuff that I’ve been dying to do will finally appear on the blog. yikes we’ll see let’s link pinkies, deal?

So what is this tropical Target Tuesday business all about, especially since it’s 20 degrees outside?! Well I actually just came from a vacation and of course Target was my go to destination for my excursion mainly because I can always count on Target to consistently provide beachwear in the earlier months. You name in from sunglasses, bathing suits, beach bags and coverups. Yup its there and trust me that’s hard to come by since I use to work in retail. Here are a few items that I incorporated into my wardrobe during my trip.

Can you spot the difference between the Marc Jacob shades and the Target aviators???

So I bought these aviators to supplement my wardrobe since the shape is so classic and typically goes with everything! The second thing that I like about these shades is that they stack pretty well against the Marc Jacobs shades in shape and accent colour. Along the arm-the M.J.’s are white and the Target version has this really cool faux leather that secures them onto your face with a cool edge.

If you haven’t figured it out….

Cruising the Blues

Cruising the Blues


Above are the Target shades, below are Marc Jacobs!
Did you guess right??


Cruising the Blues

Cruising the Blues

SPOTTED! This Caribbean breezy blouse is from Target (paired with Mac lipstick)

Cruising the Blues SPOTTED! These colorful denims are from Target (paired with a Badgley Mischka one piece bathing suit)


Cruising the Blues

Cruising the Blues
Cruising the Blues

SPOTTED! Target Loving Adventure Seeker going down to the depths to find a good deal!

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