Weekend Wrap-Up Recap 8.20.12

There was nothing but laughter, love and unity that filled my weekend which made it the best weekend of the summer. I kicked off the festivities on Saturday afternoon by celebrating a friend’s birthday that brought way too many laughs than I could handle and all the vegetarian, caribbean and ‘you name it’ food you can think of (just thinking about the food is making me wish I had some right now) but it was literally the perfect day to sit back to be thankful and blessed.
Later on that night, I think there may have been a party at my house without me even knowing it-people flowed in and out until 2 a.m. like no body’s business and my long time friend and brother from another mother, Moe stopped by the house to ignite memories that kept us reminiscing throughout the night. We talked about our camping days, nicknames for each other and all the other inside jokes that no one else would understand unless you were part of our circle while growing up. Reuniting with old friends does something to your soul. All of the years spent apart are erased while reflecting on what we did ‘way back then.’ There were some other things I ended up doing on Sunday as well but my memory is turning to mush as this is the third night going to bed past 2 a.m. so I should definitely stop while I’m ahead ^_^
I made this turban at the last minute after realizing that I was too lazy to do my half done hair…plus it helped since I was having a bad hair day. lol
Nine West Skirt
F21 Blouse
Turban created by me from spare fabric
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
My sister and I celebrating our friend Rodney’s birthday
Love, laughter and memories to go around for days. Thanks Moe for making our weekend!
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