Rasta Bart n’ Box Braids

IMG_2997r copy

I could live all day in my 90s clothes….so for the unofficial ‘official’ Throw Back Thursday of the blogosphere, I decided to pay homage to my 80s and 90s babies! Now this t-shirt was not racked up at a thrift store (AS IF!) This is an original say it with me oooorrrriginal Rasta Bart t-shirt that was super popular in the 90s as Bart was metamorphosed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Bart, Air Simpson, and many, many others. His character was actually bootlegged on thousands of items across the country which launched this Bart frenzy.

I remember even some of them ripped off famous celebs like Jordan and M.C. Hammer. I don’t even know if these are in print anymore (I doubt it) but I will forever be a collector of all things vintage-even my tattered tee ^_^


IMG_2983r copy


IMG_2986r copy




Special thanks to my hubster for supporting my blog and taking my pics!



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