Dinner Date with the King

It's the Circle of Life/And it moves us all/Through despair and hope/Through faith and love/Till we find our place/On the path unwinding/In the Circle/The Circle of Life
If you haven't figured it out already a few days ago I saw, The Lion King! I think I was the last girl in the world that hadn't seen it yet. I remember power walking pass the crowds of people every night in Times Square, thinking I would put it on my list of things to do but never got around to it until this week. 
Not only was I excited to see the Award-winning Best Musical for its stunning visuals, but for   the exotic animal impressions and dance by choreographer Garth Fagan- which  so happens to be from my city (and my home country of Jamaica might I add!) Suddenly I was 7 years old again on a field trip to the circus as I marveled at the elephants, giraffes, and birds flying acrossthe stage with grace and splendor. Simply, amazing. I would have given almost anything to work hand in hand with the costume designer on that project. Anything....well almost.


Turtleneck:Rainbow, Graphic Pants: Kohls, Open Toe Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belt: F21, Purse: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage
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