Bangs and Ruffles

My love for mens fashion is a little unknown secret that many people do not know. People usually see me as the dress up, girlie type but I love a masculine flair in every aspect of my attire. Wait I’m lying. I love a good ball gown or wedding dress! I would honestly do it more often but the truth is that mens clothing is so expensive! Even the kids clothes! How do parents maintain their budget while raising growing boys? When I do find a good sale, I’m always on the look out for cropped vests, feminine blouses, and a quality textured pant which are always very classic because it never goes outdated……..
Sooo I decided to do my hair as usual since my behind is so picky and frugal…I’d rather spend my money on clothes and vacays not at the hairdressers and nail salon. Its fine for others but that’s just not me. and spent the entire day getting it just right. *sigh* there’s always room for improvement but I am really satisfied with the way it came out. My sister in law really got the cut right..What would I do without her. I change my hair so many times when I was dating my hubby (my bf at the time) that his mother thought he was bringing a different girl around every time. OUCH that sucks
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