Lady Gaga Spread in Vogue 2011

Born this Way… in technicolor jump suits, pink wigs, and powered faces, Lady Gaga really plays up the Marie Antoinette look in this shoot. But did you expect anything less? A few weeks ago I posted an entry about Lady Gaga being on the front cover of Vogue but I had to revisit the issue and post her shoot. I like people who are willing to push the boundaries of fashion and take makes everything so much more visually appealing and refreshing instead of the typical overly sexy outfits that people have been recycling for years. She may not be doing anything new apart from her predecessor’s Grace Jones, Madonna, or any other artist but who else do we have left? I take that back, Rihanna does let her stylist do her job- quite well might I add. But I digress. Gaga is the perfect client to style…I just wish she was shot with a tea cup in hand and her pinkie up with little monsters surrounding her. Predictable? Maybe. But appropriate. View the article here.

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