Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry Line

Another celebrity collabo steps out into the industry of fashion and this time it isn’t a clothing collection. Angelina Jolie has partnered with Robert Procop to create a collection of jewelry that will bear Jolie’s classic signature. According to WWD, The collection includes a pale green 353-carat beryl pendant in a rose gold setting and a tablet-shape 12 carat green emerald ring. She can be seen wearing a vintage diamond chocker and sapphire earrings, designed by Procop, in her new movie The Tourist. Proceeds from the collection will go to her charity.
Ohh Angie why do you make things that I can’t afford?! Looks like I won’t be the only one wishing to have a piece of this collection- the line won’t be sold in stores but through Procop’s close circle of clients. Guess it pays to know people in high places with fat pockets. It’s cool…I’ll just be meddling in middle class in the mean time. *shrugs*
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