Long Over Due

So I probably should have done this a long, long, long, long, time ago. It definitely would have saved me from many nights of insomnia when I just needed to get my creative thoughts, ideas, and gripes off my chest before falling into a sweet lullaby. But its never to late for anything right? Right.

The idea of starting a blog hop scotched across my brain for awhile and after giving some of my friends tips and advice on beauty and style through countless text messages and conversations, I finally caved into the idea of putting my thoughts on a digital canvas for all to see. So here it is, my little digital diary for everything that I define as a colourful canvas for creativity- whether its using myself as a canvas to express my style, accessorizing others, or bringing a design idea to life. 

A canvas is the starting point to every creative expression. And I am a living, breathing, canvas.

-the human canvas
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