What’s Next in 2015?


I survived! Well, technically we all survived and lived to 2015 if you’re reading this too! I think at one point we all thought that SUVs would be replaced by  Jetson-like spaceships and that we’d have a robot for a maid, but alas we are here and none of those things exist. Or should I say, none of it has ventured into mainstream society yet.

Since I’m not holding my breath [or wallet] for such rare luxuries, I’ve channeled my energy to more realistic goals and changes for 2015. Now I know it’s super *yawns* lame to believe in resolutions but I beg to differ. Those who tell you that they don’t believe in new year’s resolutions are either a). very intelligent in deceiving you while they plan goals of their own or b). simply foolish. Ok, maybe I over did it a little on the latter but really, to start the year off with no goals, aspirations or resolutions? Really? Really.

I came across the USA.gov’s Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions [don’t ask me how I got here- I’m an avid researcher] and the list is pretty comprehensive of the goals that I’ve heard repeatedly in the past. However I have so much more to add for my own personal goals- some of which I actually started in November just to make sure that I followed through in the new year.

1. “Laugh as much as you breathe, love as much as you live.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to laugh [and the funnier the moment, the louder the laugh and the hand clapping that accompanies it]. I want to have more laughable moments and not take myself too seriously. There’s more to unpack in that thought but I’ll leave it at that for now [this is a style/lifestyle blog- not a diary].

2. Commit to fitness

Like many people, we often times have the best of intentions to get fit and often times back-slide by mid-January. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be that person, so I started my fitness goals with the hubster in November so that I could see results into the new year. Guess what? It worked! I’m more pumped than ever to hit the gym to keep up this momentum. There’s nothing like recognizing gains in the new year.


2. Explore More

I’m extremely career focused which sometimes leaves little room to venture out right afterwork because I’m usually beat however I really need to make a point to socialize in other settings. Although I do a fair amount of traveling throughout the year and work with student groups, I rarely have any idea of local events in my neighborhood. Truthfully, I could find my way to a local restaurant in Paris using public transportation but I am clueless about the local establishments are in my area! So, umm this really should be number 1, but I’m a work in progress- don’t judge me.

3. Blog, blog, blog

More specifically, follow up on all of the amazing ideas that I have stored in my endless Evernote lists. With that said, I plan to do more product reviews, focus on beauty, fitness, and DIY’s. I do so many of these things now that I just need to incorporate them into my writing to share with others.

4. Buy More Staple Pieces

I’m always a sucker for unique pieces that can be worn on special occasions but the truth is I have a closet full of glitzy clothes with nowhere to wear them to! I can only wear a gown or a gold lame’ leggings so many times-so  why do I always buy the things that will never be incorporated into my daily attire? This year, I plan to invest in more structural staples in basic colours. A good fitting pant for these long legs, a few sharp oxford blouses and lots of neutrals, navy and black.

I’ve kept the finalized list to a minimum to hone in on these four basic life changes.

Anyone have a really cool goal or aspiration in the new year?! Come on, share!

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