Weekend Wrap Up


Ok, so I know its a wee bit late for a weekend wrap up on Tuesday morning after 1am but I had a great time this past weekend and since I had Monday off, my weekend has finally come to a close! I finally upgraded my phone after a year and a half… I know ridiculous huh? But I’m hoping that since I have a fully functioning phone now that it will be easier to blog more frequently since I’m always on the go (and my instagram gallery won’t take 22minutes to load now that I’ve gotten with the tech program). Ok so getting back to my weekend wrap up.

The weekend started on Friday spending the day with my mom. Who doesn’t like a day to laugh,  giggle, shop, and eat with their mommie. And of course she brought me to the cutest places to catch some great finds and sales.

The great finds include my shoes below and the summer blow out sales racks that I tackled.
IMG_0011IMG_0012 IMG_0007

Saturday was the beginning of the summer picnic with friends and family. We all actually decided to create health goals moving forward so we incorporated a lot of fruits and veggies into our meal. Then later that night we kinda abandoned the goals and opted for roasted marshmallows-some things will never change…

While I was washing a piece of lettuce I realized that it was shaped in a form of a bowl and would actually make a great cup. I guess if I was in the wilderness it would make more sense…but as you can see my house is slightly in the distance behind me…

Go green who needs cups anyways?!


My sister Bri, making an awesomely delicious salad to keep us on track with our health goals
My hubster is always jumping in to do what’s necessary!
The only candy that was allowed–army candy ^_^
Marshmallows all night long….


My brother stopped by to visit me as he always does when he is in town. He took some time away from his grind to stop by to show love to the family. He’s the reason why I got the fashion clients I did to pay my rent in NYC (I should probably write about the dress I made that paid my rent…). Back when we were living in the city, he’d take me to the listening parties he was invited to or around Def Jam where I’d always wear my creations. So proud of him for pursing his dreams and sticking to his passion. His work has been used in MTV P. Diddy & Jay Z diaries among other projects. He’s an old soul at heart, I bet you could never guess his age (if you do I’ll have to give you something). ^_^

And there you have it…my weekend wrap up!

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