Gift Giving for Dummies

The constant loop of Christmas carols over the loud speakers pretty much nauseates me while I’m trying to focus on shopping for gifts-not to mention that my purse gets heavier with each passing moment and my coat seems to trap more heat than a lost polar bear in the Sahara desert. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating but still… Holiday shopping can be so cruel to the body.
During my search for holiday gifts, I took note of affordable gifts you can buy without sacrificing your rent or grocery money. Use these suggestions to avoid being the “traditional” frumpy gift giver. Let the shopping begin!
The Knit Sweater

I love a great knit sweater!! There’s just something about a chunky sweater that keeps you cozy without sacrificing the fashion elements of your wardrobe. Old Navy is having a Buy One, Get One Free Sale starting today through Saturday. Don’t miss out on the great deals!


As if holiday candy wasn’t enough, M & M has created a jewelry line which mimics the mini candies as rings, necklaces, and pendant charms to wear in your favourite colours. Let the candy melt in your mouth while the jewelry stays cool on your hand. This gift is definitely for someone who holds a sweet spot in your heart. Available at Macys


Scarves are a great accent to any man or woman’s wardrobe. Lord and Taylor’s Cashmere Ruffle Loop scarf (right) and Boucle Plaid scarf (left) are great layering pieces to compliment your attire while keeping you cozy yet fashionable all at the same time. 

These slippers are too cute! I could prance around my house like a ballerina in these all day. These aren’t the average slippers that grandma and grandpa gave you last Christmas. Give these stylish slippers as a gift and watch your friend or relative do the happy dance in them. Available at Kohls


Can’t you envision these fragrance inspired holiday stockings hanging over your fireplace? These holiday stockings are a great spin off from the traditional santa clause stocking and really glams up the Christmas spirit.  They are also great for stuffing an assortment of cosmetics and smaller items. Available at Macys
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