Loving Memories

Black and Gold

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a remembrance service for a beautiful soul…
As many of you may (or may not know), my fellow vlogger buddy from She Sings Lovely is a close friend of mine. We grew up together and I couldn’t have been more proud to see that she’s been such an inspiration to many people through her beauty, make-up, and accessory videos. A few days ago she posted a commemorative video about her mommie entitled Heaven Just Gained an Angel. As she mentions in her video, people went to her mom before the counselors and the principal to deal with any issues. She was always well put together and was known for humming a song to melt any bitterness and heartache away (as if our high school troubles were that life threatening).
I can only think of the great things that her mommy did when I knew her in high school including a wall of pictures that she kept near her desk that was filled with pictures of all her adopted babies. It was our mini wall of fame. The number of people waiting outside yesterday to get into the church was only proof of her amazing ability to reach so many people. Her infectious laugh and singing will always echo throughout the hallways, community, and in our hearts…

Black and Gold
Black and Gold
Black and Gold
Black and Gold
Black and Gold

Skirt H&M
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Nine West
Stockings: Rainbow
Purse: Wilson’s Leather
Necklace: Charming Charlie
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