Sweet Anticipation

Hello my beautiful followers! I was looking through the pictures on my hard drive and realized that I neglected to post these pictures. As I was looking through them, I realized that there seemed to be a theme of “waiting and anticipating” (which was purely accidental…except for the bus stop picture which just seemed like a cool idea when I saw the bus approaching.lol)

But for some reason, I love the feeling of anticipation whether its anticipating my next vacation, the weekend, a new side gig, or even the anticipation of the next big thing for this blog. To me, anticipation is the motivating force in everyday life…there’s always something to look forward to…a new goal to reach, a new challenge to conquer. It must be the dreamer in me that cultivates this wild imagination and the fact that I always have this longing to know the future and how it will play out. Sounds funny I guess, but there’s something about the anticipation of the future that gets me all giddy inside. I can’t wait to see what God has destined in my life and yours. What are you anticipating?

By the way I love this outfit…it’s a great way to sport a turban with an executive look. Always have fun with your clothes and take chances! So continue to stop by and don’t forget to say hello from time to time ;D 

PS: I am excited about my first feature that I’ve been working on which should be up soon. It’s about the success of my friend’s modeling career and how she views the fashion industry so stay tuned!

Fossil Bag
Calvin Klein Blazer
F21 Snake Skin Belt
Jessica Simpson shoes
Have a fab weekend!
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