Target Tuesdays: Coachella Inspiration

Target Tuesdays are becoming overly exciting for me as the weather starts to warm up and I am able to share with you how to put together great looks for incredible prices. For me, its a thrill-seeking experience to feature refreshing looks, as a personal style challenge to myself in order to share it with others. I pulled this look together in less than ten minutes as Target was closing its registers and dimming the lights to shut business down for the day. It must be my visual display instincts kicking in when I dressed an extensive amount of mannequins in record time. Needless to say ‘body parts’, hangers, and piles of clothes lay at my feet every time…I certainly work better with time restraints and a surplus of options to choose from.

Inspired by Coachella, the California music festival that drew hundreds of music lovers and party goers a few weeks ago, this look is right on target for any summer time occasion. Tapping into my inner hippy side, these patch work cut off shorts are the perfect compliment to my oversized hat and wedged heels.

I wore this outfit last Sunday when I went out with my sweetheart to test his new camera at this great location. It’s not too far from my house, but its remote enough to give you the feeling that you’re beyond the lines of the city boarders into the country side. We had quite a few run ins with nature as they were not too happy that we were invading their territory. A beaver poked its head out of the water and rested on a stack of weeds as the geese went into attack mode to protect their young as we walked past them to get to the wooden bridge. My legs are pretty long, but I don’t think I’m confident enough to outrun an aggressive, territorial goose. Yikes. Besides the goose incident, I think this will be my new hang out spot to start writing poetry again….hopefully, fingers crossed.

Special thanks to my better half for taking these incredible pictures and for encouraging me to start blogging!
Happy Birthday Lucas!!!
xoXo ^-^
Floppy Hat: $12.99
Beaded Necklace: $12.99
Dolce Vita shoes: $29.99
Mossimo Sophie Shorts: $17.99
Mossimo Printed blouse: $12.58
Xhilaration Cross Body Bag: $14.99 
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