White on Black Sheer

I rarely throw anything away in my closet even if it means that I haven’t worn it in a few years-except if it absolutely doesn’t fit anymore which ironically is usually never the case since my high metabolism has kept my weight the same… which, might I add has prevented me from growing any hips, thighs, butt definitely butt or other curves that a women may acquire at the peak of those precious adolescent years (and I am wayyy over due).

I found these pics on my desktop that I took a few months ago when I was feeling oh so breezy and fly in this sheer pleated skirt that I’ve had for over 10 years now. I honestly would consider thinning out my closet but there are some things that trickle right back around in the fashion cycle and I’d hate to have to re-purchase what I know I had ‘once-upon-a time.’ Wouldn’t you? But at this rate I don’t know how I will be able to keep up with closet space…my mom is the same way and she has three closets full of beautiful clothes that I still admire. Maybe it’s not all that bad….

 What’s been hanging in your closet 
since the beginning of time??
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