DIY:Make Your Own High-Waist Harem Pant

I wanted to feature a DIY post for the high waist harem pants that I made in this picture of me in the Cayman Islands but I forgot that I even took pics of the creation process. I’ve had a few people compliment me on them and to tell you the truth I’m actually not sure if you can find them in the stores hey maybe you can, round of applause to you but why not just make it in the colour you want? I’ll try to make this as quick and painless and possible!
Follow along….

Normally, I would use a pant pattern to sew this but that would require me to cut out each leg and then sew it together up the crotch (sorry that’s just what it is) but I was really pressed for time since my flight left in a few hours. I also somehow decided to dye my hair right before I got on the plane…can someone give me the queen of procrastination award already? So I laid a pair of pants that I liked onto the fabric. This may not have been the best pair of pants to use, but I knew the look and shape that I wanted-a jersey fitted pant that draped away from my thighs with a closer fit towards the ankle.
~cut, cut away!~

I admit this looks pretty rough since I was rushing, but once the edges are sewn the steams rounds out. I also may have trimmed the corners for a smoother look as well after I took the photo.

 The last step was to create the extra material to create the waist band. I knew I wanted it a little bit above my belly button, so I cut a piece of fabric 8 inches wide and 32 inches long (I’m a size 2). I always give myself a little wiggle room for mess ups but keep in mind that you want to make it snug on your waist so its not droopy. Then attach the waistband to the top of the pant with pins and try it on. Sometimes this isn’t the best idea because I scrape my skin every time. Here’s a tip: Make sure to sew the waist band all the way around the top of your pants and have the two ends of the waist band meet in the back of your pants. Center the seam to your tail bone so your pants don’t look crooked from behind.
High-waist Harem Pants

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