Cold As Ice

I absolutely love a clear winter day with fresh snow on the ground! Especially when its sunny since we rarely get any sun here and we are all vitamin D deficient from birth….but that’s another story. I was organizing my folders and pics on my computer and came across these pics that I took last winter (I have 3 laptops with pictures on all of them so I’m always loosing pictures after downloading them-I know I’m going to find more pics because I remember changing into two additional outfits that day). I wasn’t blogging last year (when I really should have been) so I merely took pictures just to make good use of a winter day. And of course it was cold but I sacrificed my health as usual for a good pic…..

I’ve always luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved this mid-nineties vintage leather jacket. The cape on the back is simply incredible-and the rounded bottom mimics a leather circle skirt to die for. They do NOT make jackets like they use to:[ I have on a pair of black patent leather Nine West platforms but the snow covered them. I also made the chandelier mirror earrings that I’m wearing:)

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