Bday Goodies

So its been a few days since my birthday last Friday since I posted anything even though I’ve been seeing a lot of great things that I’ve been meaning to blog but just hadn’t had the time to so I’m pushing to be better and post more frequently (isn’t that what every blogger promises? lol)

But first I wanted to post these lovely shoes my mommie bought me and a picture my friend, Vanessa, drew of me for my bday last week.

Who else can dress a fashionista other than her mother? I luv these shoes….red crocodile with a platform trimmed in gold mirror is just what my feet needed. And they are ridiculously comfortable too!
My friend, Vanessa designs a lot of beautiful anime characters and she decided to surprise me by sending me a drawing of a picture that I had already taken for my birthday in my last post.

It’s too cute and she really captured my jacket and gold lame’ tights! Thanks Vanessa;p

I also got MAC eyeshadow pigments from their Tartan collection from my boss. She’s the best! This is definitely a must have in every girl’s make-up bag. It’s like crack for your eyelids! The colours are so potent and come out brighter than any other eyeshadow that I’ve ever owned.

And I can’t forget the present my hubby gave me…a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean! Let the count down begin till February!

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