Diamond [Details] in the Rough

Leather Blouse: Vintage
Dress: Urban Behavior
Clutch: Vintage
Boots: Twisted
Scarf: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Tights: Hue
Subtle details in an outfit are very important to me. The less obvious accents really show through without matching every item in your wardrobe from head to toe to make a statement (unless monochromatic is the look that you’re going for). I luv the diamond details in the tights and the diamond-shaped fur clutch really turn it up a notch. I have a lot of party dresses but I rarely ever go out anymore so I layered this strapless dress under a leather blouse that I found a few summers ago to make it look less formal. The dress even has pockets which is perfect for my lip gloss and cell. I luv the belt because it really brings everything together into a cohesive assemble. It’s also a quick fix to tighten up any bulky fabric around your waist without having to take in the sides with a sewing machine. And the scarf?! It goes with everything!
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