Thanksgiving in the Country

Forget the presents and the costumes, Thanksgiving is pretty much my favourite day of the year and yesterday definitely lived up to all the things that come with the special holiday- food, friends, and the festivities really allowed me to catch up with family that I hadn’t seen in awhile.
Since my sweet heart and I decided to go to my in-laws in the country, I thought it was fitting to  wear my lumberjack plaid shirt and my new pine green heels. I did an impromptu shoot with my sister-in-law after I conveniently found a pile of tree rubble outside the house. Yes!
It was ridiculously cold, so we only took 3mins worth of pictures…
Did someone say they needed fire wood?! It actually looks like I’m getting ready to chop my own foot off
Freeing the lumberjack inside of me
I love these shoes! I got them on my day off last week for dirt cheap!
I love how the wood pattern in my shoes mimic the tree stump
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