Journey to the Caribbean-Part 1

So it’s been a week and a half since I came back from my vacay and I’m just uploading these pics…I’m not sure why I’m so late. It’s not like I was waiting for the film to develop or anything…wow, remember those days? I took 600 pics so I narrowed it down to two posts consisting of 20 pics each of my outfits I made and put together. As always…I never edit down my pics too much because of my indecisiveness… 
For every vacation, I always pack great items that allow me to interchange my ensemble and create new looks with mixed pieces.  I made a few items to take with me since there weren’t very many summer options to shop for in cold upstate New York! This is the first part of my trip from the US to the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cozumel Mexico, and Hondouras. I will upload the second batch soon! Enjoy!

Inspirations for the trip including my MAC Neon Lipstick
Luv it!

Pile on the jewelry!

Banded Neon Skirt I designed
Do you like?

Pink and Coral were my colour inspirations

Swim Suit: Hot pink bandeau top, Coral bikini bottom from Target

August Silk Cardigan over Summer Dress

 Zara blazer, Target bandeau, Delia shorts, Macys Necklace

Vintage Dress, Marc Fisher shoes, Vintage Crocodile Clutch

Coral Nails+Coral Rock    


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