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Four years ago I wrote a piece on lessons from social shopping and sharing behind Target’s fiasco release for the Phillip Lim designer collection and shared my contribution in finding and assisting online buyers. Complete strangers that reached out to me in the wee hours of the night that I helped. It was fun and addicting in a debacle that left shoppers helpless due to Target’s biggest computer glitch that could have been a nightmare but turned into a huge marketing lesson. Little ol’ me ended up being featured on CNBC and online marketing site, Marketo who “borrowed” my words and story to understand what exactly happened on that faithful Black Friday four years ago.

Over the years I have been asked the age old question, “where did you get that?” from unique home pieces to items that have helped me while traveling long-term. I learned quite a bit since that Target ordeal including the lack of credit I received from Target but rarely indulged in social shopping and sharing until now. *enter Amazon*

Instead of adding dope products to my Amazon shopping cart and hoarding them all to myself, I’m adding them to my Amazon store to give you the option of buying and twinning with me! You get a gift, you get a gift everyone gets a gift! *Oprah Voice*

With my Amazon store, I curate the best fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle products and a few “splurge”  recommendations that give me heart-shaped emoji eyes! I love sharing good finds at a decent price and great value. It’s been my passion since working as a visual merchandiser for a reputable and well-known retail company years ago.

Shopping from my store, is no different than shopping from Amazon and it does not cost you a penny more. [Read that line again: It does not cost you a penny more.] It gives me the ability to use my personal shopping and visual merchandising experience to curate unique items that interest me in travel, fashion and home decor while giving you the ease of purchasing products for yourself or as gifts for others. I’m all about the one for me, one for you philosophy when it comes to gift giving. I do the heavy lifting as your personal shopper like I do for free SO many times by recommending fresh favorites at an affordable price and may receive a small commission from Amazon. Think of it as a finders fee as your personal shopper. As a retired stylist and shopper, Influencer and digital marketer, Amazon Influencer is the ideal platform for my family, friends and followers to shop from a central location.

Interested in seeing what I’ve shared? Wonder no more -> Shop Physical Canvas 

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